Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 3 - Travel to Ghana

This was a day of travel from Dubai to Accra, Ghana. Upon departure our friendly flight attendants walked down the aisles with what we thought were air fresheners but were actually insect foggers. After 8 hours & fifty minutes, we arrived at the Kotoka International Airport and were greeted by a wall of heat and our smiling tour guide, Abraham Padi. We hopped on a small bus where the red carpet was literally rolled out for us. As we drove from the airport to the Novotel Accra, we observed suicidal driving, a range of cultures, people with baskets on their heads, pedaling of all sorts of items at intersections & flags to celebrate its 50th year of independence.

Once checked into the hotel, we left for the University of Ghana. On the way we noticed a billboard that read, “Eat Ghana rice, support local farmers.” This idea was reiterated by the speakers later that day. Our speakers were representatives from the department of agriculture and included a tour of the campus which has 28,000 students of which 1,000 are in the Ag department.

We ended our day with an evening in the downtown center “Oxford Street” where we had dinner including pizza, Lebanese food, grilled ham & American cheese sandwiches, and a few Ghanaian brewed beverages. We took in the sites.

Trip Writers: Kristin Bennett, Carlos Castaneda, Jackie Crabb
PF's: Carlo Bocardo, Dino Giacomazzi, Chris Sincair


Mary said...

Sure would like more updates...where are you guys? You are traveling fast. Hope you are having a wonderful time.

Mary Silvera
Administrative Assistant
to Jackie Crabb (We miss you!)

Sac Co Farm Bureau said...

where is Kevin!

Hope you and your classmates are having a fun time - see you when you get back home!

Sac Co Farm Bureau